East End: The Treatery in Jamesport

The Treatery in Jamesport started with a food truck, which was actually a 1960s camper, where they would sell cookies, cakes and other sweets.
News 12's Doug Geed paid a visit to the spot on Main Road.
Christina Padrazo says nostalgia led her to buy Stella, a 1964 Shasta camper out of which she'd sell her popular home baked sweets.
But her story begins way before that. Her grandfather owned a restaurant, as did her uncle, and other family members were constantly cooking and baking.
Stella became a fixture at North Fork vineyards, weddings and other private parties. And while she still uses the camper for catering, two months ago she fulfilled her dream of opening her own shop.
If The Treatery has one signature item, it would have to be the chocolate chip cookies.
But they also make everything from cake pops, to wedding cakes - even some lunch items such as grilled cheese.