Early voting kicks off at New York City polling sites

Early voting kicked off Saturday in New York City and across New York state.  
Early voting will last from June 18 through June 26, with extended hours and ability to vote on weekends.  
The state of New York will be doing primary elections in two parts this year. June 28 will be the first primary election and Aug. 23 will be the second. General elections will take place in November.  
Starting Saturday, the ballot will include governor, lieutenant governor, state Assembly, judges and party positions.  
Early voting is especially crucial for those who work those Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 jobs. It gives them an opportunity to vote for local officials while picking a time that works with their schedules. 
"To me, the importance of early voting is getting enough people to come out and vote because on regular days, it’s too early, lines are too long, people are working,” says Stephanie Osborne, an information clerk at a Canarsie voting site. "This way we get more people to come in and serve the purpose of the community and our state and boroughs. I’m glad because all of the other cities and states have this so it's about time New York got this." 
There are 24 early voting sites in the Bronx and 42 in Brooklyn. To find the closest early voting center near you, click here.