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Dunkin’ employee battles would-be robber with knife

Police say a robbery suspect picked the wrong donut shop to try and hold up.

News 12 Staff

Oct 22, 2019, 10:11 AM

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Police say a robbery suspect picked the wrong doughnut shop to try and hold up.
Austin Minott, 25, says he was washing dishes at a Dunkin' on Horseblock Road in Medford Monday evening when a man came in with a large knife.
Minott says the man, who had a stocking over his head, held the knife towards a female coworker and demanded money from the register. He also says Minott used a racial slur against him.
"He came at me, cause he wanted the drawer and was like, 'Give me the drawer' and he called me the N-word, and I said 'No, you got to get out of my Dunkin!"'
Police identified the suspect as 61-year old Frank Annunziata Jr.
Minott says the fight then spilled out to the back parking lot.  Just as Minott went outside, his older brother, Leslie Treadwell, happened to be stopping by.
Treadwell says he knew he had to help his brother when he saw him.
"He was on the ground, he was on his back yelling, help,” says Treadwell.
He says he was able to get Annunziata off his brother and restrain him.
Police say a second good Samaritan also helped restrain Annunziata until police arrived.
Detective Lt. Sean Beran credits Minott and the other two for helping, but also says he doesn't advise fighting off robbers.
Minott says there was no other choice but to act. "I understand there's procedures on how to handle things when you get robbed, but in that situation, it was either life or death, and I chose to live, I chose not to die," he says.
Minott needed eight stitches on his hands.
Police say Annunziata told officers he attempted the robbery to get money for drugs. He is charged with attempted robbery and assault.

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