Dog missing after fatal Port Jefferson Station fire found safe

A dog who went missing during a deadly house fire in Port Jefferson Station has been found.
Neighbors, friends, and volunteers formed a search party to look for Zeke, a 6-year-old Labrador retriever mix.
The dog ran away on July 10 on Superior Street when his owners' home went up in flames.
Zeke's 83-year-old owner Catherine Davis was killed in the house fire last month and her 76-year-old husband John Davis was left in critical condition. John Davis also died from his injuries a few days after the fire.
Rescuers say a woman called in Thursday to say she spotted Zeke. She kept him in sight until they arrived about a mile away from his prior home.
Zeke was immediately taken to the vet where News 12 told he is doing well.
Eddie Stepinski, of K9 Search and Rescue, says he is in stable condition but is very scared.
The couple's children, who did not want to speak on camera, were reunited with Zeke and will bring him home when he is released.
"The family is thrilled that Zeke is safe, in a safe environment," says Erica Kutzing, hospital manager at Jefferson Animal Hospital. "They were all here earlier, and they are all just very happy. Now it is just their time to mourn their parents and celebrate the fact that Zeke is safe."
Zeke was dehydrated and has an infection but will be released to his family as soon as those are under control.