Doctors give tips for families to stay in shape while stuck inside amid the pandemic

Doctors have some tips for families and their kids to help shed some unwanted weight gained by staying at home during the pandemic.
When 11-year-old Skylar Nater, of Holbrook, noticed her amount of physical activity started to decrease during quarantine, she says she wanted to make a change.
"Since the pandemic is really targeting a lot of people, just getting my health up and better, it would help a lot during the pandemic. And also, it just makes me feel good," Nater says.
Her parents took her to the Children's Healthy Weight and Wellness Center at Stony Brook Hospital to work with a doctor to get her on an exercise and meal regimen.
Doctor Denise Woodall-Ruff says lots of her patients reported exercising less and eating more during lockdown.
"A lot of sports were cancelled, they're not able to walk back and forth from school, also issues with not having gyms," Woodall-Ruff says.
She says she is working with kids like Skylar to get them back in shape.
Doctors say parents should also replace junk food with healthier choices. For instance, instead of sugary sodas, families should fill fridges with bottled water.
"We encourage the kids to come every two to four weeks so we can review their program and review their lifestyle changes," Woodall-Ruff says.
Skylar started doing activities like dancing, boxing and rock climbing, as well as eating healthy.