Doctor offers tips on keeping safe during COVID-19 after stat shows people contracting virus while sheltering at home

According to a recent survey, 84% of new coronavirus hospital patients said they've been working from home or not working at all.

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May 7, 2020, 5:18 PM

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Officials say that 18% of all new coronavirus cases in the state are coming from Nassau and Suffolk counties - and most were sheltering at home when they contracted the virus.
Those numbers have left a lot of people, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, scratching their heads.
 News 12 spoke with a doctor from Stony Brook Medicine who was quick to point out that just because someone is working from home, doesn't mean they're home all the time.
She said people are starting to get a little more relaxed when it comes to social distancing and, of course, many still have to go to the supermarket, get the mail and perform other necessary tasks.
Dr. Sharon Nachman has advice for everyone: wear a mask and gloves while outside of the house, wash your hands frequently and stay away from other people.
She says the first thing people should do the moment they walk through the door is to wash their hands before they start touching things.
"If you've touched the doorknob, after washing your hands, go back and wipe the doorknob down, because that was something you touched before you washed your hands," she says.
A place that lots of people have been visiting throughout the pandemic has been the supermarket. The doctor says that people should wipe down the grocery cart, follow the market's one-way path and wipe down the items you've purchased once you get home.
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