DA Sini: 5 alleged Bloods indicted in sex trafficking ring

A 44-count indictment was unsealed Thursday against five alleged gang members and associates accused in connection with running a prostitution ring in Suffolk County.
The indictment details how the alleged Bloods gang members and associates preyed on the drug addictions of four women and turned them into sex slaves.
Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini said the suspects would “pimp them out throughout Suffolk County” in Medford, Ronkonkoma, Holtsville, Shirley and Coram.
He said they charged the girls for lodging when they put them up in hotels and motels. He said they would charge them for the drugs that were being forced upon them, including cocaine and heroin.
“These girls pay their debts back by having sex with the customers of this sex trafficking ring,” said Sini.
Sini said investigators discovered the ring while they were on the hunt for two of the defendants – Shati Roy and Jamie Young. The pair was wanted for parole violations.
Police found Roy and Young at a motel in Holtsville with two of the women in the sex trafficking ring, according to prosecutors.
“They were psychologically tortured, physically threatened, all so this sex trafficking ring could make money, money off their backs,” said Sini.
The suspects face numerous sex trafficking and drug charges. Sini said there are four victims named in the indictment but there may be more.