Cuomo: Despite decrease in COVID-19 hospitalizations, hundreds of new NY cases still popping up daily

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says coronavirus hospitalizations are decreasing, but he says there were still 600 new cases in the past day, mostly from the downstate area.
The large figures caused Cuomo to ask where the new cases were still coming from.
"With everything we've done, close schools, close businesses, everybody shelter at home, all the precautions about wear a mask, wear gloves, etc. you still have 600 new cases that walked in the door yesterday," says Cuomo. "Week before that, we still saw 1,000 new cases every day."
Cuomo asked 113 hospitals to provide information about new patients. A total of 66% of those were coming from home, of the 1,269 people who took the survey.
The survey also asked about how the people have been getting around. An overwhelming 84% said they've been working from home or are not employed.
"These people were literally at home. Two percent took car service, 4% public transportation," says Cuomo.
"That's the case with all the data, it's only as good as the person's history and account of that data," says Catholic Health Services Executive Vice President Dr. Patrick O'Shaughnessy.
Cuomo says 18% of the cases are coming from Long Island.
"As we've seen people, are getting a little lax, they're getting a little frustrated by the stay at home and quarantining, so people are visiting each other, I can tell by even looking at the amount of traffic on the road, it's increasing," says O'Shaugnessy. "So people are gradually reintroducing themselves ... it only takes one potential contact with someone who may have COVID infection and be asymptomatic."