Community raises money for cancer research at Adelphi University

Community members raised money for cancer research Friday night during the Relay for Life event at Adelphi University.
Paulie Frantino, 14, battled MDS, a rare blood cancer in children that affects bone marrow. Frantino was just cured, but says his fight isn't over.
"Every day is a challenge to get stronger for me," he says. "My knees hurt, and stuff hurts, but I fight through it as much as I can."
Frantino went through chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Now he says his 19-year-old sister Gina is about to go through the same thing. She was diagnosed with the same genetic condition in 2015.
"It is scary. It's heartbreaking. We don't know what the next day will bring," Gina Frantino says.
Organizers say the money raised at Relay for Life events fund cancer research and advance treatment plans.
The student volunteers say they've already raised about $37,000 this year. They say they're hoping to reach their goal of $80,000.