Community activist warns residents of icy sidewalks

More than a week after the snowstorm that left Bronx roads covered in ice, residents who live in the vicinity of the Metro-North station on East Gunhill Road are still slipping and sliding down the sidewalks. Though neighbors believe the city is neglecting their area, one local man is working to keep community members safe.
According to Sidney Flores, a community activist and the sole member of the Bronx Quality of Life Task Force and Safety, it is important that residents are cautioned about dangerous situations. That?s why he?s taken it upon himself to clear sidewalks and place traffic cones and caution signs where he can, including East Gunhill Road and 174th Street.
Flores says he?s interested in helping others and keeping his neighbors safe. Members of the community say his signs have helped them to avoid falling on the slippery walkways.
?It takes one person to care,? Flores says. ?And if one person is caring, maybe you'll gain the interest of people to want to come out and do the same.?
The Department of Sanitation told News 12 The Bronx that it is not responsible for the street cleanup. Metro-North has not returned any calls.