High School junior achieves something rare - bowls perfect game

A Central Islip High School student bowled a perfect game.
Ciara Solomon has been bowling since she was in seventh grade and says she has a love/hate relationship with the sport.
"Bowling is a very frustrating sport, but it's a fun sport and a competitive sport and I like to compete," Solomon says.
She says scoring a 300 isn't easy and that tshe was shaking by her 11th strike. Her wrist was cramping by the 12th strike.
"I was just like if I put the ball down now, I'm not going to strike out," Solomon says. "I have to just do it."
Noel Rivera is the head coach for girls varsity bowling at Central Islip High School. She says she's a Professional Bowling Association member and has been bowling professionally for 10 years - and is still trying to get 12 strikes in a row.
"At 16 years old is amazing," Rivera says. "I give her a lot of credit."
Solomon says bowlers just need to keep bowling, not to get angry and practice.
Solomon is graduating from high school a year early as a junior and is planning on studying criminal justice in college.