CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Child with woman seen stealing puppy from The Left Paw

Surveillance video also shows the child and woman getting into a black car and driving off.

News 12 Staff

Jan 12, 2023, 10:25 PM

Updated 463 days ago


Workers at The Left Paw in New Hyde Park say a puppy was stolen on Wednesday.
They say the Boston terrier named Pip was taken out of its cage around 6 p.m.
"Our dogs are our world to us and for a dog to be taken out of its environment without their supplies or food, it is very concerning for the pet and their health," said Alison Steullet, manager at The Left Paw.
Surveillance video shows a child go into the store and scope out the dog with a man, even testing some of the locks. The child then left and comes back with a woman who watches over as he unlocks the door, takes out the puppy and quickly walks out.
"His mother stood right next to him and even held open the cafe for him," Steullet said.
Another customer in the store at the time told the manager they saw a kid leave with the dog.
The manager immediately ran outside, but the car was already gone.
Surveillance video shows the child and woman getting into a black car and driving off.
Workers immediately called the police. They say the dog that was taken sells for about $5,400.
Their main concern is figuring out who took the puppy and getting it back safely.
"If we can figure out who did this and where they are to try to get that puppy back to make sure it has a safe home - that is the best thing we can hope for," Steullet said.
Anyone with information about where the dog could be is asked to reach out to Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.

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