Cancellation policies relaxed for trips to Mexico

Travel agencies and airlines with service to Mexico are accommodating vacationers who want to alter their plans because of swine flu fears.
Vanessa and Armando Martinez, of Huntington Station, have canceled their Mother?s Day trip to Mexico City, just to be safe. She says her family will go to Mexico after the health scare is over.
"We are not going to take a chance that the kids are going to get sick and even worse, come back and God forbid, spread it among the school district,? Vanessa Martinez says.
Others are going on with their trips as planned. Baldwin travel agency owner Barbara Thiemann says she?s booked family and friends on a cruise to the Mexican coast. However, she says Carnival Cruise Lines is now letting travelers cancel within a week of the trip in exchange for full credit.
Most airlines are allowing customers headed to Mexico to change travel dates without a penalty. Though the U.S. has not restricted travel to Mexico, officials have advised against nonessential travel there.