BX parents: Dangerous intersection puts kids in danger

With Bronx schools back in session, some parents demand the local police department put a crossing guard at an intersection in close proximity to several schools.
Parents say scores of school children are running through traffic every day and crossing the intersection of Boston Road and Holland and Mace avenues, where more than a dozen lanes meet. With no crossing guard in sight, parents lead their children to school and walk others who are not accompanied by adults.
?I worry [about] this every day, I walk my child to school every day,? says Loila Ortiz.
The wide intersection is located only two blocks away from three schools that are attended by a total of 1,300 students. But parents say distracted drivers don?t take children into consideration when they speed and run lights.
?Once a week, I always see an accident,? says parent Serena Matos. ?The lights are very short.?
The principals of the schools applied for a crossing guard from the local precinct last year, but their request has yet to be met. According to one school official, the police department intends to hire a guard as soon as they find someone willing to fill that position.
One principal says police provided a crossing guard at the intersection during the summer months, but for some reason the guard was removed at the beginning of the school year.
According to parents, last year a student was struck at the intersection during the morning commute, and that is why they say now more than ever they need at least one guard in order to prevent another tragedy from happening.
?We really need a crossing guard or better light system,? says parent Elizabeth Figueroa.