Bronx tenants struggle to heat homes

Residents of a Parkchester building that was evacuated Monday night following a carbon monoxide leak say they still do not have heat or hot water.
Relief was supposed to come to 1512 Leland Ave. Tuesday night, when the city brought in a temporary boiler, but tenants say old pipes are preventing heat from reaching all apartments.
Many residents say they have not had any heat or hot water since the beginning of winter, forcing them to huddle around space heaters and turn on stoves for warmth.
"We have to boil water to wash plates," says Lameisha Bruce. "And we all have to sleep in one room."
The Department of Buildings' Web site shows 13 active violations and four defective boiler complaints at the Leland Avenue building that were made last month alone.
The city has given the owner of the building, Ocelot Capital Group, until next Friday to replace the faulty boiler. Otherwise, the city will purchase a new boiler and bill the owner.