Bronx man convicted of killing pregnant woman

(AP) - Prosecutors say a 49-year-old man has beenconvicted of stabbing, strangling and bludgeoning a woman ninemonths pregnant with his child.
Robert Coakley was found guilty of second-degree murder in thedeath of Marilyn Ginel, 37, in March 2006. Prosecutors say Ginelwas slain at her apartment in the Bronx after Coakley and his wifeMaria went there to ask for money.
Prosecutors say Coakley grabbed Ginel and took her into thebedroom to kill her as his wife occupied the children. The coupletold the children Ginel was sleeping and shouldn't be disturbed,then left with her cell phone and debit card. The childrendiscovered their mother's body. The baby did not survive.
Maria Coakley pleaded guilty to robbery and was sentenced tofive years in prison.