Bridgeport man receives necessary dental work in order to have a kidney transplant

A Bridgeport man said he has received the gift of life thanks to two News 12 Connecticut viewers.
On Sunday, 56-year-old Arthur Gonzalez was able to have the work done at Dental Care of Stamford after Bob Fiondella and Dick Webb from the organization Amy's Angel decided to help him.
Fiondella and Webb told News 12 Connecticut they saw the report about how Arthur's insurance was refusing to pay for about $14,000 in dental work, even though his doctors said he needed it to get the lifesaving transplant.
Gonzalez was told by his insurance company they refused to pay for the dental work he needed before he could have a kidney transplant at Yale New Haven Hospital.
Gonzalez told News 12 Connecticut he has already spent $6,000 out of his own pocket on dental work but can no longer afford the remaining work. He was also told that dental infections can be fatal to an organ recipient.
"People like Bob here at Amy's Angels, they really came through to me," Gonzalez said.
"He's in need of a kidney transplant and what's preventing that from happening is some outstanding dental work," Fiondella added.
Dental Care of Stamford helped to provide the work for Gonzalez at a discounted rate.
"So here at Dental Care of Stamford we're very excited to be a part of Arthur's medical team," said Dr. Zachary Roth, a practitioner at Dental Care of Stamford. "It's very rewarding for us to be able to help him prepare himself for his major surgery."
Gonzalez is scheduled to have his kidney transplant in the near future.