Bridgeport installing cameras outside school buses for safety

Bridgeport has a new way to keep an eye on drivers who may be putting school children in danger.
The city is in the process of installing cameras on its school buses to prevent a catastrophe. The city says too many drivers have been seen passing the city's 100 school buses when red lights are flashing, putting kids in danger
"You're not going to be able to get away with this anymore," said Dan Roach, with the City of Bridgeport. "It's a pretty scary sight when you see two or three kids stepping off the bus and going across the street in front of the bus and then startled and jumping back."
Cameras and sensors are now being installed on the driver's side of the school buses by a company called BusPatrol America, which will also operate the cameras and maintain them.
Once the lights are flashing, it triggers the cameras.
"Any vehicles that happen to go by while the lights flashing, we'll get a snapshot of their license plate," said Roach.
The cameras take a picture of the car, and that photo goes to police. Violators will get a ticket from the state.
Connecticut's Stop Arm Law prohibits any vehicle from passing a school bus when the flashing lights are going. It'll cost you $450 and then $500 for a second offense.
The cameras come at no cost to the city. BusPatrol will instead receive a percentage of the collected fines.