Blind Oyster Bay HS cheerleader defies the odds on the mat

The Oyster Bay High School cheerleaders just came back from their first trip to the national championships. The team earned a top 10 finish in their division.
One of their cheerleaders, Bianca McEvoy, is legally blind. Her condition was caused by Albinism, which is a lack of pigment in the eyes, skin and hair.
The features make her stand out, and that's just the way she likes it.
"A lot of people don't like to be looked at, but I like the attention," says McEvoy.
Being a legally blind cheerleader has its challenges.
"Sometimes I run into the stunts without even being able to see. Just hope for the best," says McEvoy.
That's why McEvoy says she has to rely on what she can hear, and to nail tumbling she relies on the pattern of her hands and feet hitting the mat.
"I've cheered most of my life. Then I met Bianca and I saw what she was doing and I was like...the impossible is possible. Like that is the most outstanding thing I've ever seen," says coach Lily Bassias.