Blakeman: Secure your holiday decorations before Sunday’s strong wind and rain

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said crews are prepared for the flooding and ponding that could come from Sunday's significant weather event.
He asked residents to ensure their outdoor holiday decorations are secure. Whether it's a Menorah, reindeer or a holiday wreath, Blakeman says the decorations could hurt someone if they aren't tied down securely.
"Make sure they are inside or are secure, because with 60 miles per hour gusts, they can become airborne, they can get dislodged and they can hurt people," Blakeman urged.
If residents are not sure whether their decorations are secure, they are urged to bring them indoors.
PSEG Long Island and the MTA are also preparing for potential issues from Sunday’s looming storm.
PSEG said storm conditions could be strong enough to topple trees, branches and take out power. They are watching the situation, performing system checks and have crews ready if needed.
The company reminds residents to assume downed power lines are live and contact them or police if any are spotted.
The MTA said they are ready to respond to any issues and will have crews prepared to clear disruptions.
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