Bellone: 'Staggering' 64 new COVID-19 deaths in Suffolk, bringing total to 263

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone held a news conference Tuesday -- updates below:
- 1,517 new COVID-19 related hospitalizations.
- Total COVID-19 cases hits 15,553.
- Additional 64 fatalities, total up to 263
- Bellone: Rise in deaths 'staggering'
- For the first time, a drop in people in ICU beds by about 40 to 506.
- Bellone urges residents to continue social distancing despite hopes that cases are beginning to turn a corner.
- 631 beds available, 96 ICU beds available in Suffolk hospitals.
- 73 patients over the last 24 hours have been released from hospitals.
- Setting up a 'hotspot testing program' to bring COVID-19 guidance, assistance to certain communities. More information in coming days.
- 136 additional ventilators sent to county.

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