20-year-old accused in double shooting in Port Jefferson released on $25,000 bail

Ethan Ladd, of Port Jefferson Station, is facing two counts of assault.

News 12 Staff

Jun 21, 2021, 9:43 AM

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The 20-year-old man accused in a shooting over the weekend in Port Jefferson Village was released Monday on $25,000 bail.
Police say two young men were shot outside of Tommy's Place on Main Street after an argument early Saturday morning.
Ethan Ladd, of Port Jefferson Station, is facing two counts of assault.
Ladd's attorney, Steven Politi, says his client has no prior criminal history and was "being pursued" by the people he called "alleged victims." He also says the two men who were shot are dangerous and violent.
"I don't believe my client shot anyone," says Politi. "I don't believe my client possessed a weapon. But I do know a lot about the people who were shot. I don't know who shot them, but I know about the people who were shot. And they are violent gang members who pursued individuals for the purpose of harming them."
Frank Micari's son, 23, and his 20-year-old friend were both injured in the shooting.
Micari says it's not fair that the defendant is out on bail while his son is laying in a hospital bed.
"The fact that he's alive is a miracle OK," says Micari. "He got shot in the abdomen."
Micari says the gun violence on Long Island is crazy.
"I can guarantee that my son is not a gang member," says Frank Micari, the father of one of the victims. "My son works. He's a union electrician. He goes to work every day. He's a good kid."
Suffolk police say at this time, they don't believe it was gang related. However, they say the individuals involved knew each other.
Mayor Margot Garant says she has zero tolerance for the recent gun violence, which includes a fatal shooting on Main Street back in March. She added that she's prepared to put certain protocols in place to make sure the village stays safe.
The mayor says the State Liquor Authority currently allows bars in the village to stay open until 4 a.m. She may ask the state to impose an earlier curfew.
She also says she extended the hours of her village constables from midnight until 2 a.m. They were the first to respond to the shooting and help one of the victims. Workers at nearby Tommy's Place helped the other victim until ambulances and Suffolk police arrived.
The Suffolk County Police Department issued a statement saying, "In addition to regular patrols in the area, the department has officers specifically tasked with patrolling the Village of Port Jefferson during peak times of activity. Additionally, the department is in the process of bolstering patrols on the weekends and is reviewing other possible measures to add police presence to the area."

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