Attorneys file motion to overturn conviction of Brentwood man convicted in 2013 murder

Attorneys for a Brentwood man who is serving time for murder filed a motion to have the conviction overturned.
Jairon Gonzales-Martinez, 33, is serving 31 years to life in prison upstate for the 2013 murder of a man at a pool hall.
Gonzales-Martinez was prosecuted by now disgraced assistant district attorney Glenn Kurtzrock, who attorneys say withheld 167 pages of evidence from them.
"The first major point is that there's a photo array where the eyewitness in the case picks out a co-defendant as the person who hit the victim with the metal bat killing him," says attorney Danielle Coyth. "That photo array was never provided to defense counsel."
Attorneys say the motion is scheduled to be heard on Sept. 7.