Attorney: Women who came forward helped shine a light on Gov. Cuomo's actions

The attorney for Gov. Andrew Cuomo's accuser Charlotte Bennett spoke out Tuesday following his resignation, saying the 11 women who came forward helped shine a much-needed light on the governor's actions.
"When you finally have transparency there can be accountability," says Debra Katz, attorney for Charlotte Bennett. "And after the attorney general's report came out, which was very detailed and was carefully done, the governor had no choice but to step down."
Cuomo accuser Lindsey Boylan also commented on Twitter, writing, "From the beginning, I simply asked that the governor stop his abusive behavior. I am thankful for the attorney general, the investigators and all those who have pursued the truth despite intimidation and threats of retaliation."
Mariann Wang, attorney for Cuomo accusers Alyssa McGrath and Virginia Limmiatis, wrote, "My clients feel both vindicated and relieved that Cuomo will no longer be in a position of power over anyone."
Keith Scott, with the Safe Center, which advocates for victims of domestic violence, says the governor's resignation sends a clear signal to anyone who's being harassed, even if the perpetrator is powerful.
"Finally, voices were heard, and it sets a precedent that we won't tolerate this anymore," says Scott.
One of the accusers, Brittany Commisso, known in the report as executive assistant No. 1, has filed a criminal complaint. Lindsey Boylan has already said she will file a lawsuit and other accusers could follow.