Apps could be key for some drivers to save money on increasing gas prices

Prices for gas are increasing by the day, leading some to turn to their phones to look for any discount they can find.
The average cost of a gallon of gas is now above $4 across Long Island.
Some stations are changing their prices two or three times a day.
AAA Northeast spokesperson Robert Sinclair Jr. says there are apps that can tell you where to find the cheapest gas.
"AAA has an app that will show you the nearest gas station, Gas Buddy has an app," Sinclair Jr. says. "There are lots of apps out there that will show you gasoline prices supposedly in real time."
The GetUpside app also offers cash back, including 18 cents back per gallon at one station for a net price of $4.12.
Sinclair Jr. says people have to keep in mind that they are burning gasoline when they are driving around looking for cheaper gas.
According to Consumer Reports, driving around 65 mph on the highway without accelerating too much can increase fuel efficiency by 15% to 20%.