Landscaping businesses feel brunt of increasing gas prices

Business owners who rely on being on the road are seeing no relief at the pump.
Gas prices are continuing to increase as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced an embargo on Russian oil, which will likely make prices for gas even worse.
Phillip Patti of Dom's Landscaping says the cost of doing business has skyrocketed with the price of gas increasing.
"It's tough. You got a $9,000 bill at the end of the month just for gas and that doesn't count for your other expenses," Patti says. "It's hard to make that up"
He has to fill up his landscaping vehicles and has extra gas with him for lawn mowers, blowers and other equipment. When he filled up his vehicle and tools Tuesday, it cost him over $144.
Patti says it's hard to do business without increasing the cost to customers.
He says they raised prices but aren't making any more money.
Hofstra economics professor Robert Guttman says gas prices will probably continue going up for several months before going down.
He says price for a gallon could go up to $5 or $5.50.
"It's like you're praying for it to stop," says Mike Constantouris of Queens, who says he paid $78 to fill half a tank.
Business owners tell News 12 they hope the prices for gas stabilize soon because they're trying to stay close to their routes due to the high prices.
Gas prices are changing so rapidly that it's been difficult for News 12's Pump Patrol and even apps like Gas Buddy to predict accurately the cheapest gas prices around.