Southampton warns residents of uptick in recent car thefts

The Southampton Town Police Department is alerting community members of recent vehicle thefts in the neighborhood.
Police say over the past several months, area residents within the township have reported their vehicles stolen in the overnight hours, as well as valuables taken out of cars.
Southampton police say there were eight cars stolen in August and two so far in September.
The thefts from vehicles have been due to cars being left unlocked overnight and valuables such as credit cards, computers, and cash left inside, officials say.
"They are looking for vehicles that are unlocked and where the key fobs are left within the vehicles and they're taking off with a vehicle," says Lt. Susan Ralph.
Nestor Herrera, of Hampton Bays, has surveillance video of masked thieves rolling up to his house and checking the car door handles. Three cameras and motion lights were on them while they searched through his sister's unlocked car.
Herrera says the thieves stole some money from the car. He says they will make sure to lock all their doors from now on.
Police are urging residents to take extra precautions when leaving their vehicle parked, especially during overnight hours by locking car doors, setting alarms, parking vehicles near motion detectors and locking them in a garage if possible.
Police are asking anyone that has had their vehicles tampered with during overnight hours, and have video surveillance to contact the Southampton Town Police Department.
Nassau County police say car thefts have gone up by 114% in 2022 compared to 2021.