A planetary performance Sunday night, weather permitting

If the sky can clear early enough Sunday evening, three planets will be visible to the naked eye.

News 12 Staff

Nov 23, 2019, 7:26 PM

Updated 1,643 days ago


A soggy Sunday is on the way, but if it can exit early enough then we may be dazzled by a cosmic kiss just after sunset.
Venus and Jupiter will appear just next to each other. Gaze low toward the southwestern horizon to see the prized planets brilliantly beam together. Venus and Jupiter are the first and second brightest planets visible to the naked eye and the third and fourth brightest celestial bodies to earth after the sun and the moon.
Saturn also spins nearby this week and holds a steady, yellow tinted glow. Early risers may remember seeing the impressionable pair illuminate the sky during dawn back on January 22 of this year. Unlike 2019, which had two fortunate alignments, 2020 is void of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction. The next time the delightful duo couple up to charm the nights sky will be on February 21, 2021.
Keep a lookout midweek when the moon joins in on the fun! After all, what is a planetary party without the smiley shaped crescent moon in the mix? Stargazers can feast their eyes on this stunning alignment through Thanksgiving. Thereafter, the planets become overshadowed as the sun progresses through Sagittarius.
-Krystal Ellis

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