3rd District constituents call on House speaker to advance resolution to expel Rep. Santos

The group of residents marched in front of his office and hand-delivered a petition calling on Santos to resign.

News 12 Staff

Feb 15, 2023, 5:56 PM

Updated 494 days ago


A group of residents in Rep. George Santos' district marched in front of his office Wednesday to encourage House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to expel the embattled congressman.
The group stood in front of the office chanting, "Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Santos has to go!" The constituents hand-delivered a petition calling on Santos to resign. The petition also called on McCarthy to advance a resolution to expel Santos.
Vish Burra, who works for Santos, questioned whether there were any fake signatures on the petition. Burra claims that there were false signatures on past petitions dropped off last week in Washington, D.C. ahead of the State of the Union. He also told the group that Santos would not be coming out to address the group.
"I cannot bring him out in front of a mob here," said Burra.
Barricades were eventually put up in front of the office to block the people protesting outside.
"I think we can safely say he is a coward, and we can add that to his character flaws," said Jane Russell, of Manhasset.
The constituents say they are not adequately being represented by Santos.
"A member of Congress is more than just a vote in the House, he represents us," said Kim Keiserman, of Port Washington.
The latest accusation against Santos comes from an Amish dairy farmer, who wants to remain anonymous. The farmer claims Santos gave him bad checks for puppies.
It was unclear whether Santos was in the district office Wednesday. News 12 was told that he had meetings.

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