Westbury home clutter hampers firefighting efforts

Flames destroyed a home in Westbury that firefighters say was so full of clutter that it hampered their efforts in knocking down the blaze.
Firefighters responded to the multifamily home on Sherman Street around 8 a.m. Wednesday. The fire blew out the front windows and caused wiring to spark.
Wayne Wallace rented a room in the house. He says he was asleep at the time and was woken up by an upstairs neighbor. They ran out of the burning home.
Officials say all six people inside made it out unharmed.
The Nassau County Fire Marshal's Office says there were no working smoke detectors in the house. Westbury Fire Chief Kenneth Gass called it a total loss and says the home will be boarded up. He says all three floors of the house were cluttered with furniture and personal belongings.
The fire marshal's office says the fire was an accident, blaming an electrical problem near the boiler room.
Officials say the house was split into illegal apartments.
The Red Cross was on scene to help those affected by the fire.