3 arrested in Mastic racial graffiti case

? Suffolk County police arrested three Shirley men for allegedly scrawling racist graffiti on nearly 40 cars in Mastic.
Thomas Kujan, 20, Fiore D?angelo, 20, and Skylar Santiago, 21, were arrested and charged with criminal mischief.
Police say the trio vandalized dozens of cars along Gores Drive on Nov. 12 with shoe polish. Some of the messages mentioned President-elect Barack Obama, which caused the Secret Service to get involved. A resident says one of the messages read ?Kill Obama? and another contained the ?N? word.
"It was a hate crime, not just against blacks but against everyone else on the block,? says Mastic resident Hallock Nash, who found messages on his two cars.
Police, however, say the incidents did not pose an imminent threat to anyone because of their race or religion and thus is not a hate crime.
All three suspects were released on bail and will be arraigned at a later date.
SecretService investigates racist graffiti in Mastic