18 hospitalized in Elmont carbon monoxide incident

Eighteen people were taken to the hospital Wednesday morning due to a carbon monoxide incident at a home on Biltmore Avenue in Elmont.
Firefighters say they measured carbon monoxide readings of 125 parts per million, well above the accepted limit of 20 parts per million. All of the men, women and children were alive when they were taken out of the house. The ages of the victims range from a 5-month-old child to an elderly handicapped person in their 70s or 80s.
James Prince of the Elmont Fire Department says upon arrival, one person was seriously ill and vomiting. The fire department says the carbon monoxide buildup was caused by a faulty gas burner in the basement.
The Town of Hempstead tells News 12 Long Island it is serving the landlord with a summons for allegedly having an illegal apartment in the basement and not maintaining the carbon monoxide detector. The landlord?s son Ali Tariq says there was only supposed to be one family living in the home.
All 18 were treated at Nassau University Medical Center. Six victims are undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment to help them recover.