Woman in wheelchair says Suffolk's free ride isn't safe

A wheelchair-bound Brentwood woman says getting a ride on the county is endangering her safety.
Virginia Collins, 63, says she relied on Suffolk County Accessible Transportation to pick her up in front of her Brentwood apartment. However, she says starting Jan. 1, the county refused to do it anymore.
Collins says the bus now stops in the middle of a busy road to pick her up and that she nearly gets run down in her chair while getting on.
The county says Collins' one-way street is too dangerous for the wide buses to navigate. Suffolk County Director of Transportation Operations Bob Shinnick says drivers can't be ordered to break traffic laws to make a pickup.
The county is offering to have the bus stop on Collins' corner, but it?s a block away from her apartment. She says she can?t get there and on the bus on her own.
?I understand her feelings, but there's nothing much we can do about that,? Shinnick says.
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