William Floyd senior suspended for year after repeatedly showing up to school on remote learning days

A William Floyd High School senior who repeatedly showed up to school on remote learning days has been suspended for the entire school year, a spokesperson for the school confirmed Tuesday.
Maverick Stow was previously suspended multiple days for showing up to school on days he was not supposed to. He says school officials called the police, who gave him a criminal trespassing warning and told him he could be arrested for trespassing.
Stow was then arrested after another attempt to attend in-person classes while suspended. He was issued an appearance ticket for next week.
Stow says he has shown up because he feels strongly that school is an "integral" part of growing up and that "education is important." He says his protest is also about students who are missing out on after-school clubs and sports teams that cannot play due to COVID-19 restrictions.
"Mr. Stow has been suspended for the remainder of the school year and will not be permitted on school grounds or at any school-sponsored events during his suspension, which includes all senior activities and privileges," a statement from a spokesperson reads. "We have zero tolerance for suspended students or unauthorized people trying to enter our buildings to disrupt the educational process and/or to potentially cause an unsafe environment for our students and staff."
The spokesperson says the determination was made after a hearing where "numerous witnesses testified to Mr. Stow's repeated insubordination and disruption despite being given multiple opportunities to avoid suspension."
The school does say that Stow's suspension will be revisited at a later date if he is in good standing.
Some students are voicing support for the decisions. William Floyd student Emilia Brandimarte is part of a group behind a Change.org petition that condemns Stow's actions and now has over 2,000 signatures.
"I agree with his right to protest, but I don't agree with his cause," says Brandimarte. "Most people are saying you know he's selfish, he should just follow the rules, I don't particularly agree with that. I think that civil disobedience is a totally viable means of protest, but his protest is reactionary."
Brandimarte says she came to the high school Tuesday night to attend the regular board meeting so she could let school officials know that, "Stow is not a hero. He is not a person to rally behind. He does not represent activism at William Floyd."