Will LI universities require vaccines to attend classes on campus this fall?

Rutgers University in New Jersey has become the first major college to require all students to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they want to attend classes on campus this fall. Will Long Island colleges follow suit?
The university posted updated immunization requirements Thursday that say students must get the vaccine, with limited exceptions, to attend. While students are required to get it, it's only recommending it for faculty and staff.
Meanwhile, Dickinson State University in North Dakota isn't requiring the vaccine, but is incentivizing it, saying those who have been fully vaccinated will get a "pin or bracelet to wear, providing them an exemption to the current campus-wide mask mandate."
At this point, Farmingdale State College is not requiring students to get the vaccine, but some students were behind the idea.
"I think what Rutgers is doing, I support and I think it's correct, and I think all other schools across the United States should do the same thing," says Rohan Dave, a Farmingdale State senior.
News 12 reached out to all colleges and universities on Long Island -- which all said they are not requiring the vaccine at this time as well. Stony Brook University did not respond.
While none of the Long Island colleges and universities we spoke with are requiring the vaccine now, they all fell short of insisting they wouldn't possibly require it in the future.