Whitman Nurseries on North Fork grows trees found across New York City

A farm on the North Fork of Long Island is responsible for many of the trees found in New York City.
Owner of Whitman Nurseries John Sipala was one of two nursery owners in the country to win contracts to grow trees across the five boroughs. 
Sipala says anyone walking in New York City has a 60-70% chance of coming across a tree grown on his nursey.
He says they grow different types of oak and maple trees.
The idea is to combat urban pollution and provide a canopy of shade during summer temperatures.
“They’ve done a lot of studies on what the benefits are,” Sipala says. “Even find they have a tendency to lower the crime rate.”
Sipala says the trees are bred to tolerate sidewalks and curbs, and there is still good soil underneath the concrete.
“The roots know how to find it,” he says.
Sipala says when he visits the city, he recognizes trees built at Whitman Nurseries and notices how much they have grown.