What's the future of fitness? Experts answer questions about gyms reopening

Gyms across the tri-state have been closed for months.
In Connecticut, gyms are preparing to reopen this week. It will still be some time before gyms open in New York and New Jersey.
When gyms open, the experience is going to be very different. Gyms will have different layouts, maybe less equipment, more down time to clean, and you may even need to make a reservation.
This morning, News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by Lifetime general manager Edwin Hetman and the director of health for the Norwalk Health Department Deanna D'Amore to discuss details about what gyms are doing to reopen.
Lifetime has clubs across the country and Canada. Some clubs are already open in parts of the country. Lifetime has more than 400 pages' worth of cleaning protocols outlined in a manual that has been shared with staff and management.
In Connecticut, gym owners and employees must go through a certification process before reopening. Fitness facilities must require members to wear masks if they're less than 12 feet apart.