What issues are Bronx and Brooklyn job seekers facing in 2022?

What are some of the problems job seekers are facing, and how can they solve them? News 12 takes a deep dive into the unemployment situation in the Bronx and Brooklyn.
It's no secret some people in New York City are struggling with unemployment right now. According to the State Department of Labor, the Bronx County has the highest unemployment rate in the entire state at 11.2% as of November of 2021.
Kings County is second at 8.3%.
A major problem those workforce development offices are seeing is mental health. People who live in the Bronx have witnessed just how deadly this virus can be, and it's hard to work on the frontlines after that. More people are opting for remote jobs or higher paying positions.
"They're looking for jobs where the wages match the risk. Right, if you're going to do front-line work you want to make sure [you’re] earning money to make sure that risk is kind of balanced," says Betty Ann Tamaisar, of Bronxworks Workforce Development. Bronxworks connects job seekers with employers.
Another issue is some are hesitant to take jobs that require vaccines.
For anyone in need of help to find a job, Bronxworks says they and other free public agencies all over the tri-state area are there to help.