Guide: 6 tips for making restaurant reservations

Want to grab a delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant?
Making a reservation can help you make the most out of your night. 
Below are some tips to keep in mind when reserving your spot:

1. Call early

Consider calling for a reservation as early as you can - especially if it is for a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday, or a holiday. 

2. If you have to cancel

If you have to cancel - do it as soon as you can - and don’t become a serial canceler. 

3. Use reservation apps

Although making a phone call is better to secure a good table, apps make it easier than ever to get a reservation. There are many apps that you can use, including OpenTable, I Know the Chef, Resy, Yelp Reservations, Reserve, Nowait, Spotluck, and Allset. 

4. Be flexible

Have a list of different restaurants you want to go to, so if you’re not able to get a table at one, you have another option to pick from. 

5. Call to confirm

The day before your reservation, call to confirm. You can use this call to make any specific requests as well. 

6. Show up on time

Don’t be late - this will ensure that your table is not given to someone else.

7. Be polite!

As restaurants struggle to get workers, and staff is more overwhelmed than before. Be sure to cut them some slack.