Wet and windy weather slams the Bronx

A nor'easter slammed into New York City Tuesday morning, whipping up strong gusts of wind and dumping torrential rain in some parts of the Bronx.
The rain came too quickly for the streets in Soundview to drain in time, leaving them under water. In Belmont, street drainage was clogged by leaves that had to be raked away by a worker from the Environmental Protection Agency.
The wet and windy weather was also accompanied by a sharp drop in temperature that sent Bronx residents scrambling for their winter gear.
The National Weather Service issued a wind advisory in the Bronx that will remain in effect until Wednesday morning as city agencies mobilize extra work crews. Con Edison has also dispatched crews to assess any damage caused by the nor'easter.
Sustained winds of 20 mph to 25 mph and gusts of up to 55 mph are expected in what could be the coldest night of the season.