Westhampton homeowners fed up with noisy low-flying planes

People living in Westhampton say they are fed up with the noise coming from planes flying into Gabreski Airport.
Residents say the planes often fly low over their homes and backyards. They say the problem is worse this year because of an increase in private jets landing at the airport.
Joseph Nemeth has lived in Westhampton for 30 years and says it was especially bad this summer when more people traveled to the Hamptons.
The residents say that one potential solution is to have the planes land on a different runway at the airport so they're not flying directly over their homes. They say they've been trying to work with local officials and the airport on the issue.
"Most of the approaches to the runway are over undeveloped pine barrens and undevelopable land," said Michele Donnelly.
Some residents say the community has worked out an optional noise mitigation policy with the airport that the planes are not following. They want it to be mandatory and have the pilots take a different route to another runway.
News 12 reached out to airport officials but has not heard back.