West Babylon school district to vote on second spending plan Tuesday

If the budget passes, voters can expect a $17 a month increase in taxes.

Liz Burke

Jun 17, 2024, 10:16 AM

Updated 32 days ago


Residents in the West Babylon School District will vote on a revised budget proposal of over $136 million at a tax levy cap of 2.013%. A simple majority of 50% +1 is needed to pass.
The new budget proposal includes reductions and eliminations from the original proposal, with a couple of additions, and maintains several programs.
However, if the vote fails again, a contingency plan would be implemented, and full day kindergarten would be reduced to half day.
“I actually have two little grandkids starting school in September and, you know, they can’t keep cutting and cutting and cutting. These poor kids have nothing left to do,” said a resident.
“Parents are working. What are they going to do with the children? Can’t cut that back,” said a nearby resident.
Under a contingency budget, secondary electives, AP offerings and K-8 intervention and lab programs would be reduced or modified.
The contingency plan would eliminate the athletics program, all student clubs and co-curricular programs, robotics and science research and public use of school buildings and grounds.
If the budget passes, school taxes would go up about $17 per month.
Voting will run from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday.
Residents north of Sunrise Highway will vote at Santapogue Elementary School.
Residents south of Sunrise Highway will vote at the administration building.

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