Water world: South Shore communities flooded out by severe weather

Maple Avenue, a street nearby the Ferry Island Ferry Terminall, had around 3 inches of floodwater.

News 12 Staff

Jul 16, 2023, 5:41 PM

Updated 372 days ago


Many roads on the South Shore were flooded out Sunday amid punishing rain from storms that moved across the region.
News 12’s Virginia Huie was in Oakdale and Bay Shore where one resident said he was “caught off guard” by the torrential rain.
“The wind was pretty fierce and once we saw the rain – it was downpouring pretty heavily,” said Sean Kennett.
His Oakdale neighborhood looked more like a lake after early morning downpours dropped several inches of rain. The dock near View restaurant on Consuelo Place was among the areas hardest hit.
All along Shore Road – side streets and dead ends were flooded, making it difficult for some cars and pedestrians to navigate.
Driveways and lawns were also soaked. Brian Karney, of Oakdale, told News 12 that his lawn needed some water. Maybe not this much though.
“[Flooding] doesn't always happen – just with these bad storms,” he said.
In Bay Shore, Long Islanders were confronted with heavy street flooding as they made their way home from the Ferry Island Ferry Terminal.
Heavy rain turned Maple Avenue into a stream. Cars drove through about 3 inches of floodwater there.

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