'There is no American who is immune to this virus' - Cuomo says NY deaths up to 1,218

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that the coronavirus situation in New York state is "not an anomaly," and compared the state to a "canary in a coal mine."
"There is no American who is immune to this virus," said Cuomo.  
Cuomo gave updated numbers at his daily coronavirus update Monday, saying the state's cases were up to at least 66,497 and the state's deaths were up to at least 1,218.
The governor discussed a statewide meeting of the health care establishment at which they talked about sharing staff, resources, supplies and case loads. He described it as a "health care family as opposed to distinct operations."
Cuomo pushed for relief from out-of-state to help New York's health care professionals on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. He said New York would return the favor once the state is on the other side of the curve.
Cuomo made a call for no partisanship as the state and country deals with the coronavirus pandemic, saying it is un-American to get into political disputes right now. Cuomo did, however, refute the president's comments about PPE "going out the back door."
- Coronavirus continuing to move across New York, only 1 county without a case
- "There is no American who is immune to this virus ... what is happening to New York is not an anomaly." Cuomo compared New York to canary in a coal mine. 
- 66,497 positive tests
- 9,517 patients hospitalized
- 2,352 ICU patients
- 4,204 patients discharged
- 1,218 deaths - up from 965
- Reinforced public responsibility - "Stay home. No proximity. No density."
- "The front-line battle is our health care systems." Cuomo said the soldiers in this fight are the health care professionals. Cuomo says health care professionals need relief. Seeks assistance from outside state, says New York will return favor when state is on other side of the curve.
- "It's too late to prepare when the storm hits." Cuomo discussed importance of planning ahead, stockpiling supplies, preparing for apex and listening to science/data.
- Had meeting with statewide health care establishment. Sharing staff, resources, supplies - a "health care family as opposed to distinct operations."
- "No politics, no partisanship, no division." Said to act as a country in unity as hasn't been seen in decades. Cuomo said it is anti-American to get into political disputes while combatting the pandemic.
- Refuted president's statement about PPE going "out the back door"
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