Karate kid back and kicking following surgery for severe scoliosis in 2022, gets gift from Ralph Macchio

Armaan Mohammed, 13, was surprised with signed gifts from actor Ralph Macchio.

Krista McNally

Jul 21, 2023, 8:05 AM

Updated 305 days ago


A Valley Stream teen with a passion for karate is back doing what he loves following a risky surgery.
Armaan Mohammed, 13, had scoliosis so severe he had trouble walking, as well as tremors and numbness in his feet.
Doctors say his spine was curved a full 90 degrees. In January 2022, Mohammed underwent a 10-hour surgery to realign his spine and ribs.
"I was very motivated to get the surgery done," Mohammed says. "Very motivated to go back to karate."
Mohammed is now back to doing what he loves best - karate.
On Tuesday, he was surprised with signed gifts from the original "Karate Kid" and Long Island native Ralph Macchio.
Mohammed received a signed copy of the book "Waxing On," a poster and a karate headband like the ones Macchio wore in the movies.
Macchio also write a signed note to Mohammed saying, "I enjoyed you finding your balance. Your friend, Ralph Macchio."
Mohammed now holds a green belt in karate. He says he hopes to one day be a UFC champion.

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