Uniondale school headmaster resigns over allegations he made Black student kneel

The headmaster at St. Martin de Porres Marianist in Uniondale has resigned over allegations he made a Black student kneel.
The school announced on its website that headmaster John Holian resigned. He had previously taken a leave of absence. It stems from an incident last month in which Trisha Paul says her 11-year-old son was forced to kneel in front of Holian and apologize following a disagreement.
When questioned, Paul says Holian told her he had seen a Nigerian student's father discipline his son that way and told her he thought it was the "African way."
Civil rights advocates say they are glad the headmaster resigned but wonder if more will be done at the school.
"What did the administration do for the boy and for the parents around this? Because this was an egregious act, and it's not good enough to say the person is no longer there," says Elaine Gross, with ERASE Racism.
The school says it is investigating the incident.
"Now the hard work begins and that includes what they do, to look for patterns and practices that would suggest that there may be some deep problems there within the school," says Gross.
The school says a new principal has been hired to run the school. Paul says she doesn't know much about them, nor has she had any discussions with the school. In the meantime, her son is attending classes remotely.