Treat yourself: 3 skin care routines to try at home

Salons and spas are closed, but that doesn’t mean your skin care routine has to suffer during the pandemic.
News 12’s Prashanti Musapet spoke with beauty expert Erica Cerpa, of EC Beauty Studio, for some at-home skin care hacks that anyone can do.
Cold Spoon Facial
What you need: 2 large spoons, a bowl, water and ice
How you do it: Place the spoons in the bowl of ice cold water, place on your face to lift and contour.
Reduce Puffy Eyes
What you need: Egg white, tablespoon of witch hazel, teaspoon of water
How you do it: Mix the ingredients with your finger. Apply under your eyes.

Homemade Body Scrub
What you need: Cup of regular sugar, oils (any you have at home)
How you do it: Whip up the combination of sugar and oils, bottle it in a jar and use three times a week.

Cerpa adds that one of the best ways to ensure you look and feel your best is sleep.
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