Be transported to 1900s Gold Coast during a close to home visit to Old Westbury Gardens

Visit a historic home, and gorgeous grounds on our Gold Coast, on this Road Trip: Close To Home to Old Westbury Gardens.

You’ll be greeted by the grand lawn and landscaped rolling hills.

As you walk around, you’ll feel like you are in the English countryside.

You can’t go inside Westbury House, but you can admire the architecture of the magnificent mansion. Be transported to the 1900s Gold Coast when this was home to the prominent Phipps family.

Before your visit, go to their website for an audio tour and a map you can print, then once you are on site, follow the arrows.

As you tour the 200 acres, you’ll see cabins and a thatched cottage where the Phipps children played. Stop by the reflecting pool, the west and east ponds, and the enchanting Walled Garden.
Staff members say that September is their favorite time of year - there's something new to see every season!

Follow the path through the charming original color blue gate to the rose garden full of hybrid tea roses.

Enjoy the sights, the solitude, and take a cue from the stone lion who stands guard over the rose beds to remind us how important it is to take the time to stop and smell the roses.