Town OK may force Elmont shop owners out on street

Store owners on one Elmont block say they?ll continue to fight for their livelihoods as Hempstead?s planning board considers whether to replace the stores with a new supermarket.
Landlords and business owners fought against the idea at a planning meeting Tuesday.
?There are 29 viable stores functioning well and serving the needs of the community,? Elmont property owner Tess Mittman says. Mittman has been a landlord in the area for more than 30 years.
The town disagrees. Officials say they have a study that shows the area is underutilized and in need of immediate redevelopment. Elmont Civic Association President Pat Nicolosi says residents want the area revitalized.
?This community wants economic development and wants to create jobs,? Nicolosi says. ?We need a supermarket that's what the community asked for.?
It could be a couple of weeks before the planning board makes a recommendation. The recommendation then goes to the Hempstead Town Board, which has the final say.