Too much garbage: Sanitation workers say excess trash is putting strain on town

Sanitation workers are essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, but with most Long Islanders staying at home, workers are reporting people are putting out lots more residential garbage than normal.
Some speculate that because so many people are spending more time in their houses, they are tackling more home projects -- everything from spring cleaning to major home renovations.
Sanitation workers say it's getting to be too much in the town of Hempstead.
The workers report they're seeing twice as much garbage as usual. Officials say normal spring cleaning is OK, but they imploring the public to hold off or reduce the amount of non-essential garbage left at the curb. 
"Non-essential garbage, meaning it's not kitchen garbage, it's not going to cause a health problem. We are talking about old furniture, fans or extra magazines..," says Theresa Kohutka, Hempstead CSEA president.

Another issue is the virus itself. On some routes, the trucks roll with three people, but because of the virus they are only allowing two people in the cab and a third following in their own personal vehicle.
Many towns and communities have restrictions on how much garbage is put out on the curb. It's best to contact local sanitation departments to find out when it's a good time to leave extra garbage out for pickup. 
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